About Whatever

Whatever – A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies

From its very beginnings, queer has again and again proved its unpredictable productivity, its irrepressible vitality, its unconditional refusal to be circumscribed, defined, tamed. Queer is, of course, well established in the field of LGBTI studies, where it has quickly achieved the worldwide recognition it deserves; in addition, today, scholars and activists the world over are spinning queer outwards in a range of new and exciting directions, such as (to name but a few) neuroqueer, animal queer, queer economies, queer pedadogies, or the queer politics of migration. Their daring and original work is a powerful testimonial to the productivity and vitality of a clusterof theories which deserve to be more widely known and applied, both in scholarship, teaching and research, and in activism, advocacy and policy-making.

We would like Whatever to host, facilitate and promote a conversation among scholars working with these theories, whatever their research interests, methodological allegiances and disciplinary affiliations.

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