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Centre for
Queer Research

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Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Queer/
Inter-university Centre for Queer Research


CIRQUE arises from our wish to create an inclusive, open and vital space for queer studies within Italian academia.

We aim to connect individual scholars and associations both in Italy and outside Italy, in order to create an intense, open and productive dialogue on all aspects, aims and potentialities of queer studies.

A vision of queer

We believe in queer’s potential to inspire and ground a broad and wide-ranging research programme with remarkable potential for intellectual as well as social, ethical and political innovation. At the most abstract, and at the same time most concrete level, queer allows us to interrogate in the most radical way the categories through which every society determines the destiny of its members, and to dismantle the machinery of domination and exclusion which is implicit in them and which is deployed through them.


An international network

A biannual conference

Whatever/ Journal of queer studies

A research unit on BDSM

Join us!

Membership is open to all scholars, research groups, centres and associations, either based in Italy or outside Italy, no matter which context they work in.
An academic affiliation is not necessary.
If you are interested in joining CIRQUE, please send your curriculum and a letter explaining your interest to both the following email addresses:

The Board will evaluate your application. If you have any questions, get in touch with us: we will be happy to help.

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