Second CIRQUE Conference

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Second CIRQUE (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Queer – Inter-University Center for Queer Research) conference Performativity: Pasts, Presents, and Futures Pisa, June 28-30, 2019 From Gender Trouble onwards, performativity has proved to be a crucial theoretical tool for queer theories and practices. The deontologization of categories, and their unmasking as mere iterations of performances, is at the heart not only of queer’s long-standing and productive antinormative focus, but also of a number of recent theoretical proposals, which question the centrality of antinormativity in queer theory. The purpose of the conference is to open up a space for a reflection on performativity from a variety of angles and perspectives, and with a… Read More »Second CIRQUE Conference


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Seminari CIRQUE 2015-2016

Tutti gli incontri si svolgeranno nell’aula 1 di Palazzo Ricci, via del Collegio Ricci 10, Pisa

con inizio alle ore 17.30 in punto (senza quarto d’ora accademico).

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{:it}Il blog del CIRQUE è Epistemology of the closet{:}{:en}CIRQUE’s blog is Epistemology of the closet{:}